Benefits of Big Data in Logistics


Information is now the main focus as a strategy to compete. Even today, not a few companies are trying to obtain and utilize data for the purposes of making decisions in business and operational activities accurately.  Some information related to customer preferences, prediction of the volume of sales creation to optimization of operating capacity, has … Read more

10 Ways to become a reliable Data Analyst and his salary


In today’s digital era, the need for Data Analysts is also increasing. Especially with the increasing number of startups technology-basedThey definitely need the presence of a Data Analyst to process company data.  In general, data analysts are responsible for translating numbers into reports that can be understood by management. Every company definitely needs sales data, market research, logistics, to transportation costs. Interested in … Read more

Data Mining : Definition, Functions, Methods, and Application Examples


The rapid development of technology makes the majority of businesses collect information through data. This data will later be useful for facilitating business processes, assisting decision making, and determining future business development strategies. This is the importance of implementing data mining or data mining for business.  This is a process or activity of collecting important … Read more